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Fire sale as I cleanup my office. This is all hardware I haven't used in years, so it's time to let go. Unless otherwise noted, hardware was working on last test, but wasn't individually tested.

Working devices

  • 3 laptop bags: mostly too small for new laptops, but might still be useful for you, a little dusty
  • Cisco ATA 186: vintage phone to VoIP adapter, flashed to support SIP (by defaults uses H.323), EOL since 2010
  • TP-Link MR3220: probably flashed with OpenWRT already, EOL, 2.4GHz only
  • D-Link WBR-1310: 2.4GHz, status unknown
  • Soekris net5501: classic DIY embedded i1386 platform, my old gateway now replaced with a Turris Omnia and soon a Protectli
  • Thermaltake SATA/USB adapter: working, but too slow for large HDDs (4+TiB)
  • Misc PCI cards:
    • Rocket 133SB IDE adapter
    • Sound Blaster Live! 5.1
    • ATI video tuner
    • two old school modems
  • a bunch more random hardware:
    • a USB hub
    • a MP3 player
    • an internal card reader for a PC tower
    • a PCMCIA network card (!)
    • a USB outlet adapter for a tower
    • a s-video cable
  • a "cantenna", a DIY wireless antenna built from a popcorn can in India, collector item... not working well because slightly mistuned
  • a bunch of RAM modules, all smaller than 4GB
  • a SmartRG DSL modem
  • a Cable Matters USB-C dock, working except I have issues with USB-C docks in Sway, probably not the dock's fault
  • a directional wifi antenna
  • two monitors, without stand, see retired monitors for details, those are a LG Flatron Wide L204WTX-SF and a Dell 2208WFP
  • a Logitech USB audio sound bar, also features a mini 1/8" jack
  • a pile of micro-USB chargers, none above 1A

Broken devices

More hardware to come as I continue the cleanup.